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List of All Raids in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.20.0, Asset Version 241 (November 10th, 2020).

Event # Raid Boss Type Threat Level Start Date End Date Special Reward
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There are currently 17 raid boss threat levels:

  1. Flaccid
  2. Wet Sponge
  3. Laughable
  4. Mild Peril
  5. Szechuan!
  6. Insane!!
  7. PANIC!
  8. Certain Death
  9. Deadly
  10. World of Pain
  11. Hopeless
  12. Ludicrous
  13. Inconceivable
  14. Hard
  15. Very Hard
  16. Very Very Hard
  17. Extreme

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next raid boss date i think is November 11 wed they will announce the next raid boss November 13 the raid boss will start, thats what i think


Quoting Burger:
when is the next raid boss

Probably snowball or a new raid boss that we don’t know about


A commercial was uploaded by the Pocket Mortys team on their twitter account here: . It's to promote the new "Raid Boss Weekends". Maybe they listened to the players and made raids more frequent? A new raid every weekend sounds nice. I wonder if we'll get new raid Mortys, or if it will rotate to older ones? Perhaps a mixture of the two would be good. I guess we will find out on August 21st, which is also when that Samurai Jack video game should be released... I wonder if the raid rewards could be related...