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List of All Raids in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.17.2, Asset Version 224 (August 4th, 2020).

Event # Raid Boss Type Threat Level Start Date End Date Special Reward
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Want to know more about how Raids work? Check out our Pocket Mortys Raid Guide.

There are currently 17 raid boss threat levels:

  1. Flaccid
  2. Wet Sponge
  3. Laughable
  4. Mild Peril
  5. Szechuan!
  6. Insane!!
  7. PANIC!
  8. Certain Death
  9. Deadly
  10. World of Pain
  11. Hopeless
  12. Ludicrous
  13. Inconceivable
  14. Hard
  15. Very Hard
  16. Very Very Hard
  17. Extreme

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A reason why the Raids are once per month is because of the strength of the Mortys given as raid rewards. If you make raids more frequent, the developers will have a tough time and given the space of a month to add new Mortys, raid boss etc. Once a month is enough.


Most raid mortys aren't even worth putting in your team. Also the raids and rewards have already started cycling through so why not just do that more often, it's less about new mortys (would be nice tho) and more about variety of gameplay in my opinion.


Quoting RainbowSquidward25:
Do raids ever start again after they end?

They've been recycling bosses and bringing them back every few months.


It hasn’t even been a few hours since the boss showed up, and already she’s frozen twice on me mid-battle (HP wouldn’t drop plus she wouldn’t take her turn) forcing me to restart the app. Upon re-entering the second time, not only is she missing from the game but I also can’t make gestures at anyone (if I could find anyone that is) anymore. I hope we see an announcement soon about what’s going on.