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Latest Updates

Game Update v2.27.0October 25th, 2021

New Features and Improvements:

  • Swap Stop Open Now! A new way to trade Mortys with friends comes to Mortyland!
  • Make multiple trades a day with a free rotating trade slot every 24 hours
  • List trades and browse friend's offers for you perfect Morty deck
  • View Morty stats before accepting or rejecting a trade
  • Morty Lock System - You may now lock your Mortys to stop accidentally releasing, trading or evolving them. Phew!
  • Customer Support Upgrade! - New Zendesk SDK implemented for better support and added a link to our new FAQ page in Settings for quick answers
  • Multiple backend SDK improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Super Nova Party Morty's type has been corrected to Rock
  • Buffing your evasion will now lower the probability of your own buffs being successful on your own Morty

Game Update v2.26.0June 17th, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • A very special and very SHINY surprise

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Mr. Meeseeks' name in Brazilian-Portuguese
  • Fixed issue with description for move Productive Punches
  • Fixed an issue with the The Watch ads challenge where Mr Meeseeks' name is listed wrong in French
  • Fixed an issue where a challenge to collect a specific item does not tell the player which item they need to collect
  • Fixed an issue where a player is told to select other final evolutions on combine screen when none can be selected
  • Fixed an issue where buffing your evasion will lower the probability of your own buffs being successful on your own Morty

Latest Assets

New Assets v363April 23rd, 2022

New Assets v327September 14th, 2021

New Raid Bosses:

New Assets v320September 6th, 2021

New Avatars:

New Assets v311August 18th, 2021

New Raid Bosses:

Informazioni su Pocket Mortys

Unisciti ai Rick di tutto il Multiverso e fatti coinvolgere anche tu dalla moda del momento: allenare Morty! Ci sono oltre 70 bizzarri Morty da reclutare e addestrare là fuori, tra cui Morty Baffuto, Morty Mago, Morty Cronenberg e molti altri. Crea il tuo dream team e sfida i Rick rivali costringendo i tuoi nipoti a darsi battaglia! Dirigi, combina e aumenta il livello dei tuoi Morty per dimostrare di essere il più grande allenatore di Morty di tutti i tempi e di tutte le dimensioni!

  • Scopri decine e decine di bizzarri Morty sparsi per il Multiverso di Rick e Morty.
  • Addestra e combina i tuoi Morty per aumentare il loro livello e assistere alla loro crescita.
  • Sfida Rick rivali in tutto il Multiverso.
  • Incontra i tuoi personaggi preferiti, come l’Uomo Uccello, il sig. Meeseeks e molti altri.
  • Crea oggetti e prendi parte a noiose missioni secondarie.
  • Vinci premi alla sala giochi spaziale Blips and Chitz.